PT Systems offers direct hire as well as a full suite of recruiting services & consulting solutions for jobs in technology, finance, accounting and science.

As a highly specialized company working in a field such as IT, engineering, or science, you may occasionally need an additional hand around the office. Whether you have a major software roll-out to complete or a regulatory body coming by for an audit, skilled temporary staff members can ease your workload during any stressful period.

Some of the most common reasons companies choose to hire temporary staff members in specialized fields include:

  1. When someone needs to take a leave of absence. When a biochemist or UX designer takes some time off from work, a colleague may not be able to cover the workload. Hire a temporary staff member to maintain daily workflows.
  2. When the time for end-of-year reports rolls around. End-of-year finances and reporting work can really take a toll on staff members, especially around the holidays. Use a temporary staffer to work on daily operations while your employees work on record keeping, reporting, and other strategic planning activities.
  3. When your business wants to try something new. If you’re trying out a new department structure, a new position, or a new process, consider hiring temporary staff before investing in full-time roles. You can decide whether to make the change permanent over a period of weeks or months.

Temporary staffing allows businesses to manage their human capital with as much flexibility as needed. Use a temporary staffing placement to discover new talent and keep your business moving forward—not bottle-necked or bogged down. Choose your own time-frame, and discover candidates who are willing and able to fill your position.

Consider relying on the expertise and resources of an outside talent staffing agency to find highly qualified candidates without having to create the terms and conditions of temporary employment from scratch. At PT Systems, we provide businesses in IT engineering, software development, finance, and science with recruiting services focused on temporary and permanent staffing placements.