Executive Search

Unless your company has groomed someone for an executive position, you may need help finding qualified talent to fill the gap. Employee turnover is expensive, and executive turnover can cost even more in terms of strategic development and company growth—which is why many companies turn to a hiring consultant.

Executive search firms pool highly qualified talent in mid-level and senior positions. They locate, initiate discussions, and vet candidates before a searching company engages in the interview process. The process is a discreet, professional, and streamlined approach to executive recruiting.

Preparing for an Executive Search

At the executive level, the search process often takes time. Some companies engage in the practice as part of the succession planning process, while others must suddenly begin a search as company dynamics change. Executive management should always outline a chain of command to prepare for changes in management. While some executive placements happen quickly, others take months. Every search is different. Knowing who will fill the role in the interim provides companies with the time needed to find the right replacement.

Executive turnover often sends mixed signals to investors, competitors, and employees. Companies that hire an executive search partner can focus on delivering a singular vision and message to stakeholders instead of worrying about the search.

Partnering With the Right Executive Search Firm

Companies often turn to executive search firms to gain access to an expanded pool of prospects. Look carefully at the industry experience a recruiting firm offers as well as its in-house process. High quality executive search firms will take the time to understand client preferences and utilize screening and interviewing practices that match company expectations.

Finding the right candidate can make or break a company’s strategic planning goals. Lean on a professional firm’s experience and resources to improve your company’s ability to find a successful candidate.

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