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Tips to Ensure You Hire the Right Person

Do you find yourself hiring the wrong people? Finding a strong candidate can be difficult.To ensure you hire the right person during your next hire, use these tips.

Approximately 50 percent of all HR managers believe that bad hires cost their companies “thousands of dollars.” Recruiter Jorgen Sundberg has stated that onboarding the wrong person for the job can cost around $240,000.

The U.S. Department of Labor has also chimed in on this debate, stating that the cost of a bad hire is a minimum of 30 percent of the worker’s earnings for the first year.

No matter which statistic you most agree with, that’s a lot of money.

As a result, it needs to be your goal to hire the right person, to begin with. To make sure you can do this, you need to use the hiring tips found here.

Always Interview a Minimum of Three Candidates

Even if you love the first person you interview and feel that the person is “perfect” for the position–don’t jump.

You need to interview at least two more people first. There are some large companies that even interview up to 15 people before selecting someone.

The more interviews you conduct, the more options you have. This also means you will be more likely to make the right decision.

Interview the Best Candidate in Three Different Places

This may sound a bit unusual, but a person’s entire personality can change when you change the setting. Interview them once in your office, and then for another meeting schedule it for a nearby coffee or sandwich shop.

Most job candidates are going to be at their absolute best for a first interview. If they were pretending, this facade is going to come off during additional meetings.

Another reason to change venues for every meeting is to ensure new employees can adapt to changes. This is a serious problem for some.

Have the Candidate Interviewed by Three Different People

The more people on your team who “like” or agree with the decision to hire a particular candidate, the better.

There are some people who may be able to pick up on different things when talking with the candidate. As a result, having several opinions can be invaluable when making the decision of who to hire.

Make Sure You Hire the Right Person

Learning how to hire people doesn’t have to be difficult but figuring out how to hire the RIGHT person can be somewhat challenging.

With the tips here, you can begin to formulate a plan to ensure that you hire the best candidate for the available job. By using these tips, you may also be able to help your company avoid all the high costs of hiring the wrong individual mentioned above.

Keep in mind, the interview and hiring process isn’t the only important part of hiring someone new. If you need tips on how to use social media to find candidates, or other helpful hiring information, visit our blog.