The Most In-Demand Tech Jobs of 2020 (and How to Place Them!)

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The explosion of the tech industry in the last decade caught almost everyone off guard. The kinds of roles and number of open positions make it an employees market for finding a job.

Still, you may find yourself looking for employees for the most in-demand tech jobs. Which of the tech positions do companies need to fill most desperately, and how should you fill them? Keep reading and we’ll give you a quick overview.

Most In-Demand Tech Jobs

The current state of affairs in technology has radically altered the most in-demand tech jobs from even a few years ago. While companies still need network admins and support desk techs, these jobs rarely make in-demand lists. These days, companies compete fiercely for candidates in these five jobs:

  • Cybersecurity
  • AI/Machine Learning/Data Science
  • Developers/Programmer
  • Cloud System Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer

The never ending string of data breaches makes the need for cybersecurity pros self-evident. With so much data and computer processing moving into the cloud, many businesses need in-house cloud system experts. With so many companies launching web or mobile apps, you also need an in-house coding team.

With so much more software getting written, you need someone who can smooth over the traditional infighting between different teams. That’s the role of your DevOps engineer.

Companies need AI/machine learning/data science experts for two main areas. Companies want better and expanded automation. They also want more value from all the data they collect.

Current Challenges in Filling Tech Job

One of the biggest challenges facing employers at present is the ongoing tech worker shortage. Millions of tech jobs go unfilled every year because the workforce simply doesn’t exist to fill the roles. Even with higher education scrambling to reinforce or develop programs, it takes time for students to complete those programs.

In the case of AI and machine learning, the fields remained very rare until very recently. That means that very few people possess the basic amount of experience that many companies want in applicants. While that will change over time, the current batch of qualified candidates can write their own tickets.

Filling Open Tech Positions

Filling open tech positions means overcoming obstacles like a small number of candidates and properly qualified candidates.

In the case of areas like programming, you can access more candidates by loosening up your education requirements. Self-taught programmers may lack in certain areas, but they’ve already proven they have a tremendous drive to learn.

For areas where education proves critical, consider using a consulting firm to secure talent short-term. You can also use a recruiting firm for direct hires.

Parting Thoughts on the Most In-Demand Tech Jobs of 2020

The most in-demand tech jobs don’t offer any surprises for those working in business or tech. You see intense demand for security, programming, and AI/machine learning/data science experts.

Filling those kinds of positions may take a new kind of strategy. While you can attract programming talent with looser education requirements, the same isn’t true for AI, machine learning, or data scientists. For those roles, you may need consultants or recruiting firms.

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