Tech Firm Finance Jobs: Ways a Hiring Manager Can Get the Best Person

Hiring finance at a tech firm

Your finances at your tech firm have gotten more complicated. Maybe you the tech firm is applying for funding and investment and you need help from a financial expert. You are wondering if you should outsource the help or have your hiring manager look for a financial employee.

You wonder who will be the best fit and what skill set to look for. You read articles on many making the transition from banking and finance to tech successfully. You want to set yourself up for success from the start with your tech firm finance jobs.

Did you know that over 90% of Gen Z and millennials want to work in the tech industry? There is a massive shift in interest compared to years ago with a high interest in finance. What does that mean for you and your hiring manager and how can you get the best person?

If you are a tech firm hiring for finance jobs, the hiring process can be different. Keep reading to learn how a hiring manager can get the best applicant.

Tech Firm Finance Jobs: Ways a Hiring Manager Can Get the Best Person

The best way to get the best person is through a combination of culture, aptitude, and attention to detail. This means outlining your culture, aptitude, and ability needed for the finance job, and the attention to detail of the candidate. These factors may be identified through a series of questions related to “STAR” – situation, task, action, result.

As a result, you and your team will be able to evaluate each candidate effectively for tech firm finance jobs.

1. Culture

Your tech firm and the hiring manager will want to outline key elements of your culture. What are the values of your tech firm? What are your work styles? What are your schedule standards? What are your remote working policies? What is your dress code like? What is the communication style?

The hiring manager will what to prepare questions related to culture for the candidates. This will help you narrow down if the candidate is the best person for your tech firm’s culture.

2. Aptitude

You may post the job posting effectively (avoid these 5 things). The hiring manager is then evaluating who they are screening for the next steps. When reviewing the resume, as well as in the interview, you will want to evaluate for aptitude in the past and present.

This means the candidate for your tech firm finance job demonstrates the ability to learn new technology and tools quickly. This evidence of the past and present will also help you have comfort that they will continue to learn quickly with your tech firm.

For example, you may review someone with a CPA. However, if they show zero aptitude to understanding your culture and/or your tech, they would not be a great fit. This is essential in a tech firm.

3. Detail

A great ability for many finance professionals is attention to detail. This skill is highly valuable for your tech firm. If they are able to not only align with your culture and have high attention to detail, this is a great sign.

According to the Big 4 accounting and advisory firm, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, there are often evolving tech industry and accounting regulations. As a result, it will be key to have the best person in your tech firm finance job.

Get the Best Person for Firm’s Finance Jobs

In summary, it isn’t enough to simply focus on what is on the resume for a tech firm finance job. You will want to assess your culture, and the candidate’s aptitude and attention to detail. The hiring manager and the tech firm will want to weigh in from various perspectives on if this is the best person for the firm’s finance job.

The key is to be patient. In the short-term, you may get a candidate. If it isn’t the best one for the tech firm job, in the long run, it may cost you.

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