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Many businesses in technical fields, such as IT, engineering, and finance, are turning to talent staffing agencies to find low-turnover, high-quality employees. Looking good on paper doesn’t mean much if a candidate can’t communicate well or collaborate with teammates, though. Luckily, specialized talent staffing agencies have the resources businesses need to discover and vet top notch candidates, saving your company time and money during the recruiting process.

Soft skills indicate fit above and beyond the ability to complete job specifications. They’re the characteristics that allow businesses to build strong, collaborative teams focused on big picture business goals. In today’s competitive job economy, specialized talent staffing agencies look for the following “soft skills” that will help your business thrive over time:

  1. This quality is particularly important in quickly changing fields such as IT, engineering, and finance. Employees are often called upon to learn new technology solutions or apply creative problem-solving skills, and workers who pigeon-hole themselves into a skillset won’t meet these growth goals over time.
  2. Communication/collaboration. Modern business is all about breaking down departmental barriers and supporting colleagues in a team-building environment. Staffing agencies take the time to vet a candidate’s willingness to collaborate through a variety of mediums to meet a business’s needs. Writing, speaking skills, and a willingness to respond quickly and appropriately all fall into this must-have soft skill category.
  3. A motivated employee will always outperform a disinterested employee. Evaluating excitement, word choice, and body language may all indicate a candidate’s ability to maintain a positive attitude over time.

Hiring a talent staffing agency allows you to focus on operations without sacrificing your search for talent. The right staffing agency will take the time to know your corporate culture so its recruiters can ask the right questions and present a pool of candidates that meets all of your business needs. For more information about how PT Systems matches candidates and companies, contact us today.