In need of Short Term Consultants or Additional Resources?

Whether you’re understaffed due to a shortage of qualified applicants or because key employees are on medical leave or vacation, PT Systems can provide the talent you need to help your team keep work in progress and on track. Utilizing social networking techniques and our comprehensive internal database of candidates, we help your teams remain productive.

Our Employer Services include contract or contract-to-hire assignments

Our candidate pool contains workers who possess the skills, experience and knowledge in a variety of business functions – IT, engineering, accounting and finance, and science – to make immediate and valuable contributions. When you opt for our low-risk contract or contract-to-hire service, we’ll provide you with experienced  professionals for a fixed time. And at the end of the contract period, we’ll help make the process of bringing that contractor onboard easy or help you part ways with him or her amicably.

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PT Systems provides temporary staffing to help teams keep work in progress and on track, due to shortage of qualified applicants, illness or vacation.

Our Full Suite of Employer Services also includes: