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Revise Your Resume in 2017 for Improved Job Searches

Revise Your Resume in 2017 for Improved Job Searches

Most of us learned how to write resumes in high school or college, but the work world has changed since then. Today’s employers are looking for different resume items than employers looked for in the past. If you’re stepping back into the job market, especially if it’s been awhile since the last time you entered the hiring pool, here are some things you need to know to update your resume and land you the job you want.

What You Need to Include

Contact information is still key on a resume, and in today’s technology-centered world it is especially essential to include a professional email address (no cuteguy468@aol.com, please!) as well as your phone number. Including your physical address is more of a gray area; some consultants advise against it while others recommend including it.

Format your resume in a way that can be read easily at a glance; hiring managers are busy and aren’t going to spend a lot of time poring over a wordy document. Organize information in a way that builds a compelling narrative of your experience. Be precise – check for errors, then check again.

What You Can Ditch

There are some things that we learned to include on resumes that are no longer essential today. For example, while it’s important to be ready to supply good references when a potential employer asks for them, you no longer need to list them on your resume or even include the standard line, “References available upon request.”

Employers today will likely automatically assume that you can provide references and will ask for them when they’re ready to move to that step in the hiring process. Likewise, it’s considered out of style to include an objective statement at the top of your resume, and you don’t need to include your GPA unless your specific industry requires it.

Even though the job market is changing and there are differences in how modern resumes should look, they still play an important role in the hiring process. Ensuring that yours stands out from the crowd goes a long way to helping land your dream role.