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Resumes that Get Noticed: How to Get Past the Filter

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Did you know up to 75% of resumes are rejected by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) software? Job applicants are at an all-time high, so many companies use ATS software to scan resumes. Then, it only presents the top candidates to human beings.

But that means that if you don’t format for that software, you might get unjustly skipped over. Wondering revise your resume to get noticed? Here, we’ll cover some of the top tips on how to get past the filter and get talking to a human being.

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Use the Right Words

If you think your resume is getting skipped over by ATS software, there are a few ways to game the system. First of all, you’ll want to include keywords relevant to the job. These include jargon and lingo associated with the job.

If you can, add these keywords throughout your resume. If you can’t find a way to include them organically, list them at the bottom. Because as long as they’re somewhere on the resume, the computer will count it towards your score.

Another easy way to add points is to include the company name somewhere in your application. According to Taleo job search (a popular ATS software system), they give points based on how many times you use the company’s name. Avoid overdoing it, but use it whenever it seems to fit.

Have a Short and Long Version

You’ll want to have two versions of your resume. Most ATS software only scans the first page, so you’ll need to make sure everything fits there.

Only include a header, a goal statement, and your skill set. Then include four accomplishments and the net result.

Keep it clean and simple with common headings. Use an 11 point font size and 1-inch margins. And avoid fancy images that the computer won’t be able to read, which disqualify your qualification.

This is a teaser of your actual application. Ideally, the hiring manager will call to find out more. At this point, you can send the long form of your resume that includes more information.

On your longer form, elaborate on your qualifications within your job experience. Explicitly state the job duties. Finally, explain some of the finer points of points where you excelled.

Make sure to put a positive spin on all that you can, which is an easy way to create resumes that get noticed.

Determine Desired Qualifications and Skills

Be sure to examine what qualifications the position requires. Learn all you can about the company and the position to which you’re applying.

Don’t only focus on what the application says. Look into the company’s website and social media presence as well.

Be sure you have the required qualifications. But a lot of the time, some of those qualifications are a wish list. If you have a majority and feel like you’d still be a good fit, send in that resume anyway! Most companies are willing to train someone if the fit is right.

Now You’re Ready to Craft Resumes That Get Noticed!

Now you’re ready to write resumes that get noticed. Looking for a better way to find a job? PT Systems is a leading recruiter for a variety of industries.

Using your website, you can look for a job that suits your experience. Or you can upload your resume and we’ll find positions that are a good fit for you. Submit your resume today to see how we can help you!