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How to Craft the Perfect Interview Technique

Interview techniques


The average job posting attracts around 250 resumes. From there, only four or six people will get called in.

Narrowing down the field to one candidate will happen one way or another. The important thing is that you snag the best candidate.

Here’s where you need to have a great interview technique. If you want to learn what kind of job interview techniques weed out the best from the rest, keep reading!

The Intro

First things first – you’ll have a chance to break the ice with your prospective employee. Many hiring managers know within the first 90 seconds if they like someone or not.

What you want to focus on here is where they’ve been and how they got to where they are now.

Here are a few great questions to start with:

  • What is your day to day job like?
  • Walk me through your career path.


You’re not just looking to like the person — you’re trying to find out if they’ll thrive in your company culture.

Your place of business might have things that are specific to it, but there are some crucial questions that work for any business:

  • Tell me about a time you received reasonable constructive criticism. How did you handle it?
  • You can ask for permission or beg for forgiveness – which one do you go for?

Did They Do Their Homework?

One interview technique that really digs deep into your candidate’s attitude is to find out if they did their homework on you.

Do they want the job just because it’s available or do they like your company and your values?

You can start with “why do you want to work here” but try these questions too:

  • What made us stand out from our competitors?
  • How does this role you’re looking for fit into your overall career arc?


This world is nothing if ever-changing. To succeed, you’ve got to be able to adapt to a lot of different situations.

If your hire can’t handle the fire, you don’t want them in your kitchen. Find out how much heat they can stand with these job interview techniques:

Tell us about a time you were challenged at work. What did you do?

Tell us about a time that your company shifted goals and how you helped meet them.

The Most Important Interview Technique: Follow Up Questions

The majority of your interview is going to be spent speaking with the potential job candidate and finding out more about them.

Always end the interview by seeing if they have any questions they want to ask you. This can also be very revealing on their end; take note of what they ask.

Ready To Find Your Perfect Candidate?

Want to learn about more job interview techniques? Maybe you’d like to just forgo the hassle and work with someone who will weed out the best person for the job?

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