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How to Choose Between Two Excellent Job Candidates

equal job candidates

When it comes to recruitment today, it’s a competitive field for both employers and job candidates. Human resources trends for 2019 suggests that the tide is turning for job candidates and that employees are choosing the companies they work for as opposed to the companies initiating the recruitment.

Due to a low unemployment rate, and a high conversion of post-secondary graduates, today’s employment field favors the candidates. Your company is going to need to stay contemporary in the job market by using unique methods of hiring.

Use these tips when you are having a difficult time finding quality talent between two highly qualified candidates.

Choose Unique Job Candidates

If you’ve gone through the recruitment process and have two candidates left on the short list, you may be hemming and hawing over the best one. The best candidate for you at this point is the one that isn’t Captain Obvious.

There may be one slight talent they have that stands apart from the other candidate. It may not even be related to the job at hand.

Ask your candidates what is the most exceptional thing they have done in their career.

A favored question to ask candidates in the past was to ask them what accomplishments they’ve experienced in the past. This is a good start.

But broadening the question to get a perspective on what they consider to be exceptional could be that one answer that sets them apart from Captain Obvious. You’ll know which answer you like the best.

Change your line of questioning in interviews with tips like this. And make sure you know the remaining 5 interview questions you need to stop asking in this century of employment.

Try the Social Test

Today’s recruiters know that social networks and social media are great tools for job seekers and talent-seekers. You can learn a lot from your potential employees by looking at what they post online, or even what they are interested in.

One job board recommends giving your candidates a personal intuitive social test that goes beyond social networking.  They call this the “beer test.”

Remember that many of your acts with this talent will take place on the social scene, from company picnics to the annual holiday party.

Which of these two employees do you want to socialize with the most? You should have a feel for this in the early stages of the recruitment process.

This is a combination of personal chemistry with the individual, and your intuitive feel on their fit within your organization.

When you need to decide between two job candidates with the same amount of qualifications, your intuition may help you make that final cut.

Get Expert Support

Today’s recruiters need expert support when choosing the best talent for their job. But talent shortage is a significant hurdle for employers, with 42 percent of employers worried they won’t be able to find the talent they need.

When you have two faces in front of you for the same job, with the same qualifications, it can be difficult to choose the best. Go with your instinct, and be unconventional in your recruitment efforts.

And don’t be afraid to seek expert support. If you can’t decide between two job candidates, request the services of PT Systems, who has been matching talent with Fortune 500 companies since 2007.