Hiring a Consultant for an IT project or Initiative can be Challenging. Our FAQ’s should help!

Q: Why should I consider hiring a consultant?
A: A consultant can bring a specific set of expert experience and knowledge that are needed to complete a complex project; experience and knowledge that may not currently exist among your team members. With a consultant, focus and dedication is immediately put forth to your project from day one, which can result in the completion of a project quickly and efficiently.

Q: Is there a set time limit for working with a consultant?
A: No, it depends on your requirements. You can hire a consultant for one day or for a project that spans one year and beyond.

Q: How do you match a business with a consultant?
A: Our staff will work with your managers to understand your goals, determine requirements and processes to match your company with a professional who is best suited to help you achieve your expectations. We do not take a cookie-cutter approach to assigning a consultant to team of consultants.

Q: I’m just a small start-up. Does that matter?
A: No. Our clients range in size from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. In fact, hiring the right consultant just might help you increase your business productivity and efficiency.

Q: What are some common things a consultant can do?
A: Our information technology consultants bring a technical skills set that can be invaluable to the core of your business. Among the deliverables a consultant can accomplish:

  • Help define the scope of your project
  • Plan and manage the time schedule and resources
  • Define and analyze software, hardware and network requirements
  • Help purchase and implement new systems
  • Handle design, testing, installation and training processes

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