PT Systems provides project consultation in IT. We guide you through the selection and procurement of technology, and offer training and support.

Many in-house IT teams engage in a mix of reactive and proactive work. In other words, they do what they need to do to keep a business running smoothly, from performing system updates to troubleshooting. When a business undergoes a significant change, however—such as transferring data to the cloud or rolling out a new security system—it may require a technical leader with experience in project management.

Your business may have a great, reliable IT team and still need assistance from a seasoned project consultant at times. A project manager understands technical information but spends more time building bridges between the people who create the technology and those who pay to use it. A successful project consultant will:

  • Offer company-specific recommendations. To provide the right level of direction, a project consultant needs to be independent and unbiased. He or she should recommend cutting-edge solutions and understand/vet system requirements and the process before a project takes off.
  • Provide thoughtful insight. Strategy plays a role in every IT rollout. An IT consultant will recognize how a solution fits into the big picture and clearly convey that vision to all decision makers, project enablers, and end users.
  • Serve as a point person for the project. Anyone who works on a project, from the CIO signing off on each task to the end-user trainers, can reach out to the project consultant to find out more information or who to talk to about a specific issue.
  • Manage the timeline. Technology projects are notorious for falling behind deadlines. A successful project consultant is a driving force, working behind the scenes to ensure everyone reaches their goals in a timely manner.

Great project consultants thrive in the fast-paced world of company and industry change. An outside project consultant can save time and improve the ROI of your rollout or implementation. Contact PT Systems to learn more about what a professional project consultant can do to enhance your next IT project.