Gender Issues in the Workplace: 5 Things You Can Do for Working Women

According to research conducted in 2016, a typical woman working full time was getting paid 20% less than her male co-workers.

That harrowing truth is just one of the many ways that gender disparity rears its head in the workplace. Amidst these gender inconsistencies, it’s more important than ever for employers to make a concerted effort to champion equality within their company culture.

When looking at gender issues in the workplace, there are some simple steps company leaders can take that will have an immediate impact. Our team at PT Systems has put together a list of 5 tips your company can start putting into play immediately.

1) Diversify Your Applicant Pool

A lot of leaders tout wanting diversity in gender to be a reality in their workplace. Few though set up their recruiting pipelines to make that a reality.

To bring more talented, qualified women onto your team, engage different professional organizations. These groups should cater to women in specified niches like engineering, mathematics, and more.

Also, consider inviting women who have left the workforce to raise families back into the grind.

2) Take a Look at Your Unconscious Bias

Many companies refuse to believe that they discriminate against women. Still, discrimination in hiring practices can happen both consciously and unconsciously.

To reduce this risk, consider reviewing resumes with names detached and ask that applicants don’t include photos on resumes.

Also, instruct those hiring to not fault applicants for long employment gaps. Doing so may discriminate against women who had to take a break from work due to family rearing.

3) Take a Look at Your Wage Gaps

The wage gap is one of the biggest gender issues in the workplace. To minimize your company partaking in this practice, stop asking employees for their wage history.

Given the prevalence of wage discrimination, using previous salaries to determine current offers only works to continue the cycle of sub-par pay for women.

4) Assist With Work/Life Balance

The reality is that most women are tasked with the raising of children in their households. Because of this, many of them need to pass up important work opportunities which would have otherwise allowed them to get ahead.

To help make sure that female employee’s home obligations do not hinder their career, your company can offer services such as child care or work from home flexibility as needed.

So long as employees are able to maintain the same level of productivity, where they work or the hours they work shouldn’t have an effect on your perception of them.

5) Have a Zero Tolerance Harassment Policy

Women are significantly more likely to be harassed at work than men. This harassment often makes it hard for women to be productive. It sometimes even leads to them needing to leave their position.

In order to reduce this occurrence, make it clear that your culture is a “come forward” one where women can express any harassment concerns they have. Upon confirming that harassment has taken place, guilty parties should be immediately let go.

This will make it clear that your company will not tolerate an unsafe work environment for females.

Wrapping up Gender Issues in the Workplace

Your company should be for taking a stand against gender issues in the workplace. To get going on the path to gender equality, start with implementing the tips listed above.

Once you feel you’ve mastered them, continue to expand on them and always improve your workplace environment. Doing so will boost morale, help you avoid costly lawsuits, and ultimately, make you a more responsible employer.

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