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How to Find a UX Designer Who Fits Your Company

How to Find a UX Designer Who Fits Your Company

In an increasingly digital world, you must be sure your business’s website shines. A shiny website won’t do much, however, if users can’t access information. Hiring a user experience (UX) designer can ensure your digital presence follows form and function.

Finding a skilled and experienced UX designer can be tricky — it’s not a role that comes with a set career path. Many people who claim to be an expert at UX design got there by trial and error, which might be great, as long as your company isn’t one they are practicing on.

What to Look for in a UX Designer

All people bring unique skills to their trade, but there are some traits all good UX designers have. When you’re hiring one, look for:

  • Curiosity. You’re likely asking prospective designers questions, but if they aren’t asking you questions, there might be a problem. Your business has its own way of running – no UX designer will intuitively know those processes. He or she should be asking specific questions about your business to create the best user experience.
  • Good communication. Those who understand IT and computer systems have a reputation for their inability to speak in a way laymen can understand. If you’re speaking with a perspective UX designer and can’t understand what he or she is saying, keep looking.
  • A good track record. UX designers should provide you with samples of their work and ideas about what they can do for you. If they don’t have testimonials or can’t provide you samples, then they may not be prepared for the work you want to give them.

When you’re looking for a good match for your company to a good UX designer, we can help. Talk with one of our team members today to start your search for a UX designer.