Talent consulting companies are invaluable resources to job seekers who may have the skills and knowledge but lack the network needed to find the right position. Learning how to craft a winning resume can greatly enhance your ability to secure a temporary or fulltime position. Remember these simple tips to show a consulting agency your drive and ability to succeed:

  1. Keep it real. Avoid using tech jargon and unusual vocabulary words to stand out. List your work history, hard and soft skills, examples of success, and ongoing training/certifications. Consultants look for key words and experience to support your claims. They’re not reading an online article, so stick to the facts.
  2. Write with the position in mind. You’re creating a resume to achieve a certain goal. If you’re applying for a web developer position, highlight any information that pertains to your web development skills. You may need to tweak your resume for each position. Add value statements when possible, such as how your work helped your prior employer(s).
  3. Check your online presence. We live in a digital age. Regardless of the field, you need a professional online presence and a managed personal presence. Consultants may look for LinkedIn activity, Twitter presence, blog posts, and any other easily accessible online information. Explore your online presence for professionalism and appropriateness before and throughout your job search. If you have an online portfolio or a professional following on Twitter, consider adding links within your resume.
  4. Follow up. Some consulting companies will specifically ask you not to do this. If they don’t, however, always follow up with the company after you submit a resume. Perseverance and drive go a long way in the job search process. At best, you’ll hear back from a person with a job opening. At worst, they can explain why you didn’t make the cut.

The consultants at PT Systems are here to help you find more than a job. Send us your resume to find the right career path for your technology, finance, and science skills.