sharp phone interview questions

Screen Candidates Fast With These Sharp Phone Interview Questions

Wish you could save time finding the right employees for tough positions? Quickly screen candidates with these effective phone interview questions.
Software Developer Interview

Thought-Provoking Software Developer Interview Questions

Interviewing software developers? Ask them some questions that will test their critical thinking skills, not just their education and past work experience.

10 Probing Questions to Ask an Engineer in a Job Interview

When you are interviewing an engineer, it can be effective to ask certain questions. Click here for some questions to ask an engineer in a job interview.
accountant interview

7 of the Best Accounting Interview Questions to Ask

If you are trying to hire an accountant and want to know the best way to interview the applicant, click here for the best accounting related questions to ask at your next interview.
finding a needle in a haystack candidate
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Finding the Needle in a Candidate Haystack

Interviewing to find the best candidate for the position doesn't always come naturally. Learn various types of interviews and the right questions to ask.
phone screen
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4 Reasons Why Conducting Phone Interviews is a Smart Business Move

Why waste precious hours conducting in-person interviews for candidates you don't end up hiring? Here's why you should be conducting phone interviews first.