sharp phone interview questions

Screen Candidates Fast With These Sharp Phone Interview Questions

Wish you could save time finding the right employees for tough positions? Quickly screen candidates with these effective phone interview questions.
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The Most In-Demand Tech Jobs of 2020 (and How to Place Them!)

Here we discuss the most in-demand tech jobs of 2019, and how to find qualified candidates to fill them at your business. Read this article to learn more.
Software Developer Interview

Thought-Provoking Software Developer Interview Questions

Interviewing software developers? Ask them some questions that will test their critical thinking skills, not just their education and past work experience.
diversity hiring

Diversity Hire: Creating an Inclusive Workplace

Rather than sticking to the traditional diversity hire, here's how and why you need to make your workplace an inclusive environment to see better results. Read this article to learn more.
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How to Hire Your First Entry-Level Business Analyst

Finding a professional, entry-level business analyst or junior analyst who won't waste your time can be a struggle. Read this article to learn how to hire one easily.
PT Systems - Resumes that Get Noticed
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Resumes that Get Noticed: How to Get Past the Filter

When companies look at job applications they usually filter out certain qualities. Read this article to learn more on how to stand out and have a noticeable resume.
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Media Searches: Why Companies Look at Your Social Media before Hiring

If you are planning on applying for a job, you should click here to learn why and how companies conduct media searches to find out more about your social media.
remote staff

9 Reasons Why Your Company Should Hire Remote Staff

If you have a company and are in need of workers, it may be beneficial to hire some remote staff. Click here to see the reasons why this could be helpful.
bad hire

6 Steps to Take if you Make a Bad Hire and the Employee Doesn't Fit In

If you realized that you made a bad hire and the employee doesn't fit in, there are many steps to take to try and make things work and to handle the situation.

10 Probing Questions to Ask an Engineer in a Job Interview

When you are interviewing an engineer, it can be effective to ask certain questions. Click here for some questions to ask an engineer in a job interview.