What Is the Best Way to Discover and Hire Passive Job Candidates?

Qualified candidates are out there, but they’re not necessarily engaging in active job hunts. Many might entertain a competitive move to a different position, but you won’t find them in a stack of applications. To find qualified professionals to fill your roles in fields such as technology and finance, your business may need to get creative.

Gain Access to Talent During a Recruiting Slump

In some specialty fields, including technology and finance, talented individuals find jobs quickly. Employers are always looking for developers, computer engineers, and financial analysts. They all want the best candidates. To secure top talent for your business, you need a new way to access candidates who aren’t actively job hunting. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Change up your content. Instead of marketing only to your customers, consider adding some content to attract qualified candidates. Showcase your culture. Highlight employee success stories.
  • Hire an outside recruiter. Engage a recruiting firm specializing in the positions you need to fill. While you focus on operations, a recruiting expert can tap into a network of individuals who are highly qualified for the job at hand.
  • Sell the benefits. For many passive candidates, pay is only part of the equation. To make a competitive offer, you must demonstrate your ability to offer more than a better paycheck. Can you ease the candidates commute with remote work capabilities? Do you offer flexible time off? Additional benefits may outshine your competitor’s compensation package.

Candidates who are already working aren’t necessarily happy with their current jobs. Don’t fear setting your sights on passive contenders. With the right negotiation skills and compensation, you can secure the best and brightest to fulfill your business’s mission. PT Systems can help you reach your recruiting goals in specialty technology, finance, and science fields.

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