How to Attract Top Project Management Talent

How to Attract Top Project Management Talent

Your project manager is the soul of your business. It’s their job to move work seamlessly across processes and departments; without them, the gears get stuck. Though a project manager’s role will vary across industries, they all should have one thing in mind – what’s in the best interest of your business.

Project managers should have a clear vision of your business and what’s at stake for you and your other employees. Without it, they are simply there to shuffle papers. Find a project manager who can make your business shine with these strategies for recruiting and retaining top project manager-talent.

Essential PM Qualities

While everyone is different, there are shared qualities that can help project managers excel at their jobs. In turn, your company can see higher productivity across the board. When interviewing, keep an eye out for people who are:

  • Inspirational. Project managers need to be able to encourage shared vision among other workers. They should be able to articulate the enterprise’s goals in a way that inspires everyone around them.
  • Articulate. Having the best ideas in the world is useless if project managers can’t express these thoughts to other team members. Communication skills are vital.
  • Honest. Integrity is crucial for good project managers. Whether or not they abide by ethical standards will likely determine the way the rest of the group behaves.
  • Enthusiastic. Great ideas need momentum to get anywhere. Without enthusiasm fueling the fire, a project manager won’t do well.

Recruiting and Retaining

To lure good project managers in and keep them there, prove your company is worth it. Make it clear to potential hires that, despite the delicate balancing across departments they’ll likely be doing, you have their back. Stand by your values and focus on your employees as well as your bottom line. Let them place their faith in you, and they’ll be more likely to jump on board and stay dedicated.

To narrow your search for the best possible project manager for your enterprise, contact PT Systems for additional help.