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5 Traits to Look For in a Potential Job Candidate

5 Traits to Look For in a Potential Job Candidate

Selecting the best potential employee out of dozens or even hundreds of resumes can be quite the task. With so many different job seekers providing so many different skills, it may seem impossible to pick just a handful of people.

If you’re stumped over a pile of resumes or finding dead ends at interviews, don’t worry. We’ve made a list of the five biggest traits of the ideal job candidate so you don’t have to do the guesswork.

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Five Traits to Look For in a Potential Job Candidate

Picking out the best of the best when it comes to hiring doesn’t have to be so hard. Keep your eye out for these traits.

1. They are Clear About Why They are the Best

During an interview, it’s common to see an interviewee go one of two ways: boisterous overconfidence or a complete lack of self-esteem. Neither can make it very clear why they’re such a good fit for the organization.

A really good potential employee will be confident in their skills, but will also be able to tell you why they are a great selection for your company in particular.

If you’ve successfully attracted top notch talent, they will also be able to connect the dots between seemingly unrelated things.

For example: You’re looking for the ideal job candidate for a management position. One particular candidate has a little management experience, but also has experience running her own business and managing everything herself.

You’re looking for self-starters. While running your own business isn’t exactly related to the position in question, it says that she is a self-starter and knowledgeable about how a successful company is run.

You can help facilitate responses like this during interviews by asking the right questions. Job interviews tend to feel like an exam with right or wrong answers when that is not the case at all– be conversational with interviewees.

2. They’re Honest

If a candidate was fired or has a similar smudge on their job history, you’ll know they’re worth considering if they are honest about it and willing to elaborate.

An honest job applicant is an honest employee.

3. They Listen

A good job seeker won’t just be a nervous talking head trying to score points by reciting common answers to common interview questions.

It’s understandable that anxiety kicks in and makes it hard to stay focused. But being able to stay focused under pressure is an incredible trait.

Did a candidate make it clear they are listening closely? Did they ask natural unrehearsed follow-up questions? If so, they may be worth paying attention to.

Someone who listens is interested in a real connection. Employees with an interest in connecting can create healthy work environments.

4. They Bring the Bells and Whistles

A candidate who goes the extra mile will bring more than just a resume. They will also bring a cover letter, their portfolio, and any other necessary materials that showcase their talent and history.

5. They Write Thank You Notes

How often have you received a thank you note after an interview? It’s a common thing, but more often than not it is just a generic attempt to score points.

A follow-up or thank you note will be genuine and contain cues that the candidate was listening to what you said and asked during the interview. Again, someone who really listens is a great potential employee.

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