5 Tips to Master Your Next Video Interview

5 Tips to Master Your Next Video Interview

Did you know that 6 in 10 hiring managers incorporate video interviews into their hiring process? Do you know how to handle this kind of interview?

If you’re nervous about an upcoming video interview, don’t worry. We’ll take you through five tips that will help you master the interview and land your dream job!

Practice, Practice, Practice

A video interview is a new experience for a lot of people. As with any other new experience, practicing can help you feel more confident.

Take time before the interview to go over interview questions with a camera in front of you. It’s great to practice by yourself, but it’s also nice to work with a friend or family member so that you feel more comfortable making conversation.

However you choose to practice, make sure to record yourself. This way, you can see how you’re coming across and pinpoint anything you need to improve or be aware of before the actual interview.

Look At The Camera, Not Yourself

When doing a video interview, it’s tempting to look at yourself on the screen. However, it’s important to look at the camera rather than at yourself. Eye contact matters in video interviews just as much as it does in in-person interviews.

Looking at the camera will probably feel uncomfortable at first. That’s why practice is so important! Get comfortable speaking into the camera before the big day, and you’ll appear much more confident.

Dress Appropriately

It might be tempting to only dress professionally from the waist up since you’ll likely be sitting down during the interview. However, it’s best to dress professionally from head to toe.

Not only will getting fully dressed help create the right mindset for an interview, but you’ll also be covered if you have to shift in your seat or stand up to adjust something. You don’t want your interviewer to see you wearing your pajama pants!

Prepare Your Environment

Take time before your interview to plan where you’re going to sit. It’s best to have your interview in a clean, quiet room with a conservative background — your poster-filled bedroom or a high-traffic area probably isn’t the best place.

When you’re practicing your interviews, in addition to rehearsing your questions and answers, take the time to adjust lighting and the position of your computer screen.

Make sure the room is well lit and, if necessary, move a lamp nearby so you don’t have shadows on your face. You should also make sure the video only shows you from the shoulders up. That way, your interviewer won’t be distracted by anything in the background.

Check Your Equipment

Nobody wants to start a video interview only to find that their internet connection isn’t strong enough or that their microphone doesn’t work. Try to chat with someone else via video before the interview to make sure that everything is working as it’s supposed to.

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