5 Signs You’ve Found the Ideal Candidate For the Job

Found the Ideal Candidate

Searching for an ideal candidate to join your organization? During your interviews, look for green flag behavior from your potential hires.

Much like their red counterparts, green flags are solid indicators of future performance. How do they work?

Simple — the more green flags you detect, the bigger a chance that your candidate is a great fit.

Not sure where to start looking? Here are 5 key signs you’ve found an ideal candidate for this position.

1. Quick Communication

As you may know, the recruitment process is often time-consuming. Even in the best of times, scheduling all those interviews takes a lot of coordination. If your candidates are slow to respond, things can slow down to a crawl.

This is why getting prompt responses from a candidate is always a good thing. If they communicate in a quick manner, they’re likely to be just as responsive on the job.

Plus, a quick response is a sign they care about the position.

2. Knowledgeability

A good candidate always comes to the interview prepared. Among other things, this includes doing some research on the job and your company. When asked, they should be able to identify the core values of your organization.

As a rule of thumb, these candidates will be high-quality hires. They won’t need as much time to get up to speed, and they won’t come in with misplaced expectations.

3. Honesty

Let’s face it — finding the perfect candidate is a pipe dream.

Every candidate you screen will have certain flaws, no matter how much they try to hide them. What you should do is pay attention to candidates that own up to their flaws.

For instance, ask your candidates about some of their past work mistakes. If they’re willing to grow and learn, they’ll be able to provide an example.

If they try to convince you that they don’t make mistakes, start looking elsewhere.

4. Enthusiasm

What your candidates say at the interview is just one part of the story. The other part is how they say it. Sensing enthusiasm in their voice and body language is always a great sign.

In other words, you want a candidate who is actually interested in your company. Some of the people you screen will only be looking to pay the bills, which is fine too.

For best results, though, hire people who care about their work.

5. Fresh Ideas

Finally, try to find someone who brings something new to the table.

Coming to an interview with fresh ideas shows commitment and forward-thinking. This is often more important than a proven track record.

Plus, one of your candidates could come up with an idea that your organization can use right away. By doing so, they provide value from day one and prove they have the right mindset for your company.

More on Finding the Ideal Candidate

Have you found a candidate who ticks all the above boxes?

If so, the interview will flow like a conversation rather than an interrogation. Wanting to work with someone before you hire them is all the proof you’ll need.

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