5 Recruitment Strategies for Reducing Bias in the Hiring Process

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Diversifying the workforce across the United States is a hot topic right now, but is implicit bias solely to blame?

The bottom line is that bias in the recruitment process can be a completely subconscious matter.

Implicit bias is based on the idea that we naturally gravitate towards people similar to ourselves.

Many may argue that stereotyping is the enemy of equal opportunity. So what recruitment strategies can be applied to remove bias in the hiring process? In this blog, we break it down for you.

5 Recruitment Strategies To Reduce Hiring Bias

Bias stems from a feeling of familiarity and safety. Research shows that we judge and categorize people within seconds of meeting them.

However, there are recruitment strategies you can use to reduce bias within the recruitment process:

1. Re-Word Your Job Descriptions

This is generally the first stumbling block for many companies looking to recruit a diversified workforce.

Implicit bias is largely found in the language of how a job description is written.

The wording you choose to use can heavily influence who applies for an advertised position.

Be mindful of the adjectives used in job descriptions. Words associated with masculinity include:

  • Competitive
  • Independent
  • Driven
  • Confident
  • Adventurous

If you are trying to diversify your workforce from an ethnicity standpoint, use pro-diversity language in a simple manner, such as:

”We are looking for applicants from all walks of life”.

Ultimately, it is best to use neutral language in your advertised job descriptions to avoid creating an air of implicit bias from the get-go.

2. Standardize Resume Evaluation

Implicit bias is sneaky and can creep into decision making before you’ve even met a candidate.

Eliminate gender, race, and age and leave behind what’s really important.

Use a scoring metric to evaluate the qualifications and work experience of each candidate, and enter these into a standard evaluation form.

You can also remove names, age and photos from a resume in order to avoid bias creeping in.

There are also software programs which help to ”blind” the recruitment process, such as GapJumpers.

3. Use Work Sample Tests

One of the most relevant recruitment strategies on the market today? Work sample tests.

Work sample tests have become highly popular in recent years as a sure-fire way to ensure candidates can actually do the work.

A work sample test is basically an assignment which mimics the job a candidate will be required to do.

These tests allow an organization to assess job performance and compare candidates in an equal manner.

4. Stick To Scripted Interviews

Chatty, conversational interviews are great. They help the recruiter and the candidate relax and get to know one another.

But they really aren’t one of the most effective recruitment strategies for fair and unbiased hiring.

Interviews which lack structured questions and sequence can lead to major bias on the recruiter’s end.

Recruiters begin to subconsciously line up similar interests and the rapport they develop with a candidate, leading to biased decision making.

Standardized questions and structure for each candidate can really help to minimize bias.

5. Establish Diversity Goals

Before recruitment begins, it’s important to establish your business’s diversity quota and goals.

All major players within your business need to be on the same page. Ensure both majority and minority groups are happy with the diversity goals established.

At the end of each recruitment process, assess where you are in terms of reaching your diversity goals.

This helps to keep diversity in your workforce top-of-mind during each recruitment process.

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