5 Crucial Reasons to Outsource Recruitment

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In February 2018, there were over 6 million job openings in America. That coupled with the fact employment rates are averaging below 4% means finding qualified labor presents a steep challenge.

If your company is pouring valuable time into getting ahead in today’s employee starved marketplace, you may not be optimizing your resources as well as you could be.

Many companies are now outsourcing their recruiting in order to free up time and improve their pool of employees. This article is targeted at outlining the benefits choosing to outsource recruitment can bring so you can decide whether or not doing so is right for your company.

1) Outsourcing Means Cost Reduction

Most decisions businesses make today come down to whether or not it’s going to be cost-effective. Outsourcing recruitment is extremely cost-effective.

Between chasing down leads, running background checks, doing initial screenings, and more, hiring has deep costs both monetarily and from an opportunity cost perspective. Taking those costs off your plate is among the chief reasons for outsourcing.

2) Your Turnover Rate Will Come Down

Experienced staffing agencies are excellent at finding committed employees. Questions asked during initial assessments help them weed out potential candidates who are at a high flight risk.

They also get deep insight into each candidate’s work history. Something that can be hard to do for small businesses if they don’t have a lot of time to commit to vetting. This insight recruiting agencies are able to dig up give them special perspective on the average amount of time candidates generally stay in a single position. They then filter accordingly.

3) Agencies Can Manage Hiring Booms

If your company has a high seasonal need for qualified candidates or if a particular project requires more hands on deck, managing rapid-fire hiring can get difficult. That’s because the diligence required to hire excellent people is hard to maintain in high-pressure situations.

The resources outsource recruitment firms have are built to scale. Therefore, no matter how rapidly your hiring needs to happen, you can be sure you’ll still be receiving top-notch employees filling your positions.

4) Outsourcing Can Help You Stay Competitive

If you’re a small business owner, you probably don’t have the ability to recruit like your “big brand” competitors. This inability often leads you either you spending too much time hiring or getting less than optimal candidates.

When you outsource recruiting you will have a big brand quality hiring team at your disposal. That will level the playing field between you and your high resource competition.

5) You Can Focus on Your Business

Opportunity cost is everything when running a business, especially if you’re just starting out. Every moment you spend not focusing on the things that matter most is money lost.

Think of what you could do with all of the time you spend managing the recruiting of employees?

Getting new clients. Nurturing existing clients. Coming up with new products.

Outsourcing your recruiting will give you the time you need to do those things back and allow your business to grow!

Wrapping Up the Benefits You’ll Get When You Outsource Recruitment

Recruiting is important to the success of any business. Doing it yourself, however, can be a massive resource drain.

When you outsource recruitment, you get all of the benefits of a dedicated, experienced recruiting team at a fraction of the cost. So stay focused on what you do best and next time you need to hire, leave the heavy lifting to an external partner!

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