4 Tips for Retaining Talented Employees

Securing talented employees is only part of the recruiting battle. After a staffing agency delivers the right candidate for the job, companies must consider retention strategies. According to 2016 research from Gallup, 21% of millennials reported a job change over the last 12 months—and 60% indicated that they’re open to new opportunities. In a time when job hopping is the norm, what will keep your new recruit from moving to another company in the next year or so? Here are a few ideas that may help:

  1. Ask your staffing agency for help. Staffing agency recruiters put candidates through a comprehensive screening process to ensure they’re pairing individuals with the right companies. Talk to your account representative about looking for career-minded individuals.
  2. Offer a path of growth. Talented individuals usually aren’t happy staying in one position for several years. Instead, they want to know that they can grow and move forward with the company as long as they deliver quality work. Constantly explore ways to give current employees more opportunities, responsibilities, and better positions. Some companies go so far as to offer additional training and specialization programs.
  3. Reward top performers. If someone is adding significant value to your company, reward his or her dedication. Verbal appreciation, financial compensation, and non-monetary rewards (such as extra time off) can go a long way to improve employee satisfaction.
  4. Maintain a strong support structure. An opaque business model and siloed working conditions can hurt morale. Employees should feel comfortable giving and receiving honest feedback, innovating, and exploring their own strengths. Support open and honest communication for better performance, satisfaction, and business outcomes.

Ultimately, talented employees will invest in a career with your company if you invest in them. Focus on positive interactions, fair management, and incentives to decrease the likelihood of turnover. Work with a company such as PT Systems for your temporary, direct placement and executive search activities to improve the quality of each hire you on-board.