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4 Reasons Innovative Companies Are Hiring Consultants

hiring consultants

US companies spent $58.72 billion hiring consultants in 2016. This was a growth of 7.1% on the previous year. Companies clearly see hiring an external consultant as well worth it.

Have you ever wondered what outside consultants actually do? Are consultants worth the cost and worth the hype? Here are 4 reasons top companies hire consulting services.

1. Outside View

Sometimes managers and employees are too close to an organization to see the problems. This may be because familiarity with the day to day situation leads to complacency. Vested interests and loyalty too, can result in misplaced resistance to new ideas.

An outside perspective can bring experience from elsewhere. Very few problems are unique. It takes a fresh set of eyes to see them.

2. Extra Resources

When a company needs a bigger team to deliver a project an alternative to hiring more people for a short period of time is to hire consulting resources. This means avoiding expensive recruitment processes, onboarding, and training. Disposing of the surplus people after the project is also much simpler when you have to let go a hired consultant.

A consultant can act as a skilled employee but without the costs of hiring someone new. It also means that existing employees are not taken away from their day to day roles.

3. Specialized Expertise

Organizations often need people with specialized skills for a short period of time. This might be for a one-off project such as a new computer system. Hiring consultants can support the implementation providing technical skills for this phase of the work.

Once the change is implemented than the specialized technical skills are no longer required and the consultant can be stood down. Many organizations would not require these technical skills on a permanent basis.

Specialisms in management consulting are as various as there are business needs. Some particularly noteworthy areas are recruiting, human resources, information technology, and marketing.

4. A Change Agent

Change can be a challEver wonder what outside consultants actually do? Are consultants worth the cost and worth the hype? Here are 4 important reasons top companies hire consulting services.enge for many companies. Consultants with change management skills can help support this change, objectively and sensitively. These change agents help transition people, processes, and systems.

The consultant can teach new methods of working, help managers support their people and provide energy and confidence where there may be resistance and doubt. They can do this without being hampered by personal relationships or office politics. Better management of change means transitioning more quickly and cost-effectively.

Hiring Consultants

If you have a business need that would be met by a hired consultant it’s vital to select one that will deliver your objectives. Check out their reputation. Ask for references from previous clients.

It’s also important that they will fit well with your organization. Effective communication is vital not only for them to be effective but also for them to have credibility with you and your people. Take the same care hiring consultants as you would hiring employees.

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