Project Solutions

Businesses often try to fit project management into an existing framework, asking one person to handle all projects or asking various people to serve as project managers as needed. While this may seem economical, it often means companies use project managers who don’t have the skills needed for the work. Unskilled project management can lead to delays and project roadblocks.

Project Management Checklist

If your projects aren’t going according to plan, look for these project management skills in your current manager:

  1. Understanding. A project manager should understand some technical aspects of the project without acting as a micro-manager. Project management requires “big picture” perspective to keep each project on track.
  2. Communication. People skills matter in project management. Are project participants willing to communicate openly with the manager and take cues from him or her? The project manager should serve as the go-to person for approval management, questions, and requests. The professional should feel comfortable communicating and arranging work with outside vendors, in-house team members, and executive leadership.
  3. Creative problem solving. Project managers may need to think on their feet to anticipate and address issues during tech projects. From understanding end user perspectives to knowing when a technical requirement isn’t lining up, every IT project manager should feel comfortable taking control of and resolving problems.
  4. Time management. Poor timing is often the downfall of project management. During a tech rollout with many moving pieces, a professional project manager should understand the strategic give-and-take that will keep the project moving forward. Project managers should feel comfortable driving action at all levels.

If your current project manager doesn’t have these three project manager skills under control, you may want to consider hiring some outside support. An outside project consultant from PT Systems can provide the essential support needed for project success, including industry knowledge and understanding, streamlined support, and strong communication. Our project consultants are available for short- and long-term IT projects.