4 Advantages of Work-at-Home Consultants

As people’s lifestyles change and employees seek more balance and flexibility in their work, the traditional 9-to-5 job is giving way to telework, with people working from their homes more often. While this might seem like bad news for employers, hiring work-from-home consultants can be a very smart move. Learn some of the advantages of hiring people who work from their homes.

  1. Expanded Talent Pool. When you hire people who can work from home, you’re no longer limited to hiring from a local talent pool. Technology today makes it easy for people to stay connected from virtually anywhere in the world, meaning employers can take advantage of a global talent pool.
  2. Increased Worker Productivity. It may seem counter-intuitive, but studies have shown that work-at-home consultants are actually more productive. One survey found that 53% of at-home workers showed a willingness to work overtime, compared to just 28% of their peers working in an office. Additionally, work-at-home employees are often able to set their own hours, allowing each individual to work when he or she is most productive.
  3. Reduced Employer Expenses. The most apparent way employers save with work-at-home employees is on real estate. When your employees work from home offices, your company can greatly reduce its physical plant, saving on costs. Work-at-home employees help businesses save on overhead, as well, including budget items such as furniture and office supplies.
  4. Less absenteeism. It makes sense that when employees work from home, they’re less likely to call in sick. Someone with a bad headache or a case of the sniffles might take a sick day if they worked in an office, but if they can get their work done from their laptop in bed, they’re likely to make the effort.

When businesses employ work-at-home consultants and allow their employees to telecommute, everyone tends to end up happier – and that’s good for your company’s bottom line.