4 Accounting and Finance Resume Tips

As you begin your job search for a position in accounting, make sure you have a resume that stands out. Building a great resume – especially if you’re coming into the job market right out of school and have little experience behind you – can be a challenge. However, a great resume is key to a successful job search. This simple document can help you stand out in a crowd and land your dream job.

Tips for the Best Accounting Resumes

1. Identify Your Skills

You’ve studied hard to get this far, so the first thing you should do is discuss your accounting skills. Add any information about courses you’ve taken, like financial accounting or taxation. List all of your capabilities, such as bookkeeping – each skill you offer increases your value.

Don’t forget to add in technical skills as well. Proficiency in digital systems like Microsoft Office or QuickBooks is another way to set yourself apart. Plus, soft skills like attention to detail will elevate you across the board.

2. Summarize Your Experiences

Practice makes perfect, right? Companies love to hire individuals who’ve already proven themselves. After listing your skills, your resume should tout any and every previous situation where you’ve had accounting or relevant duties.

3. Include Honors or Affiliations

Were you the president of a college club? Maybe the captain of summer basketball team? Roles of distinction prove that you have desire and capability. You should include all of your memberships and affiliations to paint a more complete picture of what sort of worker you’ll be.

4. Add Hobbies and Volunteering Activities

What you do in your free time can say a lot about you. Don’t forget to tell potential employers about your hobbies or volunteering activities – sharing this info can help you get matched with the best possible fit. We also recommend adding links to your social media profiles. Most businesses search for them anyway, so being open about it might give you some bonus points.

Check out these examples if you need a template for some inspiration, and contact PT Systems when you’re ready to submit your resume online.