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3 Steps for Landing a Technical Writing Job

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Technical writing is a relatively new and very lucrative field. Technical writers play essential roles in many industries, from medicine to technology. Breaking into this field requires education, dedication, and planning ahead.

Step One: Education

Technical writing is a complex skill you can’t simply dive into. To be successful, you first need to have a knack for writing – but that’s not enough. You should also attend a college or university with a writing program. Many of them have diverse degrees, but some institutes may have specific programs for aspiring technical writers.

Degrees are not a requirement for many technical writing jobs, but even so, having that certification will help you stand out among competitors. Plus, you’ll be qualified for the companies that do require it.

Step Two: Choose Your Track and Study

Many people choose to specialize in medical, scientific, or technical tracks for their degrees. Again, this isn’t necessarily a requirement, but it can help you learn the terminology and specifics of the industry you’re interested in.

If these tracks aren’t available at your college, you can still give yourself the upper hand by doing independent research. Relevant journals and other publications at the library are usually great, free help.

Step Three: Build a Better Resume and Keep Practicing

The importance of your resume can’t be overstated. In some cases, this document will be your only chance to make a positive impression on potential employers. Include all your education, skills, and experience to stand out.

In the meantime, keep honing your skills. Practice typing and reading relevant subject matter. Take temporary jobs if they’ll add experience to your repertoire. Keep at it, and one day, you’ll be sitting on the other side of success. When you’re ready to start searching for a technical writing job, reach out to the team at PT Systems.