3 Reasons to Hire Employees for Temporary Jobs

temporary workers

An estimated 2.9 million individuals took on temporary jobs as of May 2015. This accounted for 2.4% of all private sector jobs in the United States. These positions are on track to expand beyond the 3 million mark in 2017.

The forefront of this form of employment opportunity is spurred due in part to a desire to work flexible hours and remotely (in place of lower pay) within the millennial age group.

A cross-selection of these temporary jobs include team assemblers, computer service representatives, and construction laborers. The health and home service industry is making the shift, too, with jobs including registered nurses and maids/housekeeping cleaners.

What are the reasons and benefits to hire employees into these temporary positions? What benefits do they bring versus hiring into the company and payroll?

Three Reasons to Hire for Temporary Jobs

Why would a business want to take on a temporary worker versus fulfilling a position with an employee meant for the long-haul?

1. Availability

Temporary workers are plentiful.

These individuals are sourced through a variety of means. Means including temp agencies, online job listings, and/or referrals.  Working with an agency delivers qualified leads to fill these jobs. Interviews are quick and open the position to a wide array of individuals.

The benefit is choice.

The temporary nature of the position allows the business to swap and rotate individuals that may not fit the company culture.

2. Impressionable

New hires come from all walks of life and experience. These individuals are impressionable — a company is able to mold them to specialize. This creates a unified purpose and set of goals which allow the temp to quickly adapt to the position and turn them into a team player.

The exposure to new activities, marketplace, and industries improve their skillset. Some will develop a deep passion (keepers) while others move onward to different opportunities. This weeds out low-quality types that are resistant and troublesome to work with.

3. Savings

Temporary staffing has several methods to save money:

  • Reducing the core workforce and using temps as “floaters” when needed
  • The elimination of overtime by dividing shifts
  • Lower training costs due to guidelines and quality of leads
  • Avoiding burnout by swapping individuals and bringing in fresh minds
  • Limiting benefits

The staffing agencies are well-versed in many industries. The combined experience and focus on employment makes the temporary workers, coming from staffing agencies, highly targeted and vetted. This is in comparison to what may be possible with the limited resources within the in-house HR department.


There may be a time when the company needs to consider temporary workers:

  • A sudden leave of absence
  • During seasonal surges to cover demand
  • Testing new roles and opportunities

These individuals coming on board for temporary jobs may become the full-time individuals. Full-time, dedicated individuals lead to the next stage of growth and profitability. It’s a matter of retaining talent from the selection of individuals that have shown promise and a return on investment.

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