4 Tips for Retaining Talented Employees

4 Tips for Retaining Talented Employees

Securing talented employees is only part of the recruiting battle. After a staffing agency delivers the right candidate for the job, companies must consider retention strategies.
Project Solutions

4 Project Management Skills That Mark Success in IT

Businesses often try to fit project management into an existing framework, asking one person to handle all projects or asking various people to serve as project managers as needed. While this may seem economical, it often means companies use…
What Is the Best Way to Discover and Hire Passive Job Candidates?

What Is the Best Way to Discover and Hire Passive Job Candidates?

Qualified candidates are out there, but they’re not necessarily engaging in active job hunts. Many might entertain a competitive move to a different position, but you won’t find them in a stack of applications. To find qualified professionals…
Executive Search

What Companies Should Know About the Executive Search Process

Unless your company has groomed someone for an executive position, you may need help finding qualified talent to fill the gap. Employee turnover is expensive, and executive turnover can cost even more in terms of strategic development and company…
The Top Mistakes that Leave Talented People Out of Work

The Top Mistakes that Leave Talented People Out of Work

The world is full of talented people, but many of them aren’t very dedicated job seekers. Unless you’re a prodigy, chances are good that nobody is going to save you from joblessness or a meaningless job but you. In today’s competitive market, prospects need more than a nice resume and cover letter to stand out—especially those who work in specialized fields such as software technology, biochemistry, or finance.
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The Pros and Cons of Payroll Outsourcing

A payroll error can throw a wrench in company plans quickly. As a business in a technical, engineering, or science field, you may prefer to focus your resources on innovation, development, research, and field work. Outsourcing is a growing trend across businesses of all sizes today, and it provides a viable alternative to in-house payroll and accounting functions.
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Hiring an IT Project Consultant for Improved IT Strategy

Many in-house IT teams engage in a mix of reactive and proactive work. In other words, they do what they need to do to keep a business running smoothly, from performing system updates to troubleshooting. When a business undergoes a significant change, however—such as transferring data to the cloud or rolling out a new security system—it may require a technical leader with experience in project management.
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Soft Skills: Hiring Talent That Fits Your Corporate Culture

Many businesses in technical fields, such as IT, engineering, and finance, are turning to talent staffing agencies to find low-turnover, high-quality employees. Looking good on paper doesn’t mean much if a candidate can’t communicate well or collaborate with teammates, though. Luckily, specialized talent staffing agencies have the resources businesses need to discover and vet top notch candidates, saving your company time and money during the recruiting process.
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When to Hire Temporary Staffing—And Where to Look

As a highly specialized company working in a field such as IT, engineering, or science, you may occasionally need an additional hand around the office. Whether you have a major software roll-out to complete or a regulatory body coming by for an audit, skilled temporary staff members can ease your workload during any stressful period.