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How to Attract Top Project Management Talent

Your project manager is the soul of your business. It’s their job to move work seamlessly across processes and departments; without them, the gears get stuck. Though a project manager’s role will vary across industries, they all should have one thing in mind – what’s in the best interest of your business. Project managers should […]

What Consulting Companies Look for in Job Seeker Resumes

Talent consulting companies are invaluable resources to job seekers who may have the skills and knowledge but lack the network needed to find the right position. Learning how to craft a winning resume can greatly enhance your ability to secure a temporary or fulltime position. Remember these simple tips to show a consulting agency your […]

4 Project Management Skills That Mark Success in IT

Businesses often try to fit project management into an existing framework, asking one person to handle all projects or asking various people to serve as project managers as needed. While this may seem economical, it often means companies use project managers who don’t have the skills needed for the work. Unskilled project management can lead […]